Let’s Talk About The Different Breast Shapes

Which breast shape do you have? 

Did you know that no two people have breasts that look *exactly* the same? Yes, we are aware that they come in different sizes, but they also come in various shapes. You might be surprised by how many types of breast shapes are there. 

Knowing your breast shape is a must. Trust us; it will make a massive difference in how you shop for bras and prevent any ill-fitting bra issues. Plus, understanding that boobs come in different shapes and sizes reminds us not to compare them to what we see in media or TV and that they may be different, but they are all equally beautiful.

Below, we’ve gathered the different breast shapes. You can use this time to learn more about your body.  


Asymmetrical breasts are also known as “the most common” breast shape out there. Each breast has a different size— one breast is noticeably bigger than the other. Yet, it’s normal for breasts to be uneven by a cup size or less.


Athletic breasts are wider than other types of breasts. They are more muscular-looking and have less breast tissue. 


Relaxed breasts have looser breast tissue and have nipples that point downward. 


These breasts are completely round and have an equal amount of fullness at the top and the bottom. 


The name explains this perfectly. If your right and left breasts are away from the center of your body and your nipples point outwards in different directions, then your breast type is East-West. 

Side Set

The shape is similar to the east-west, but these breasts are generally larger and fuller, with the nipples pointing to the front.

Tear Drop

Similar to round breasts, these breasts tend to have less volume at the top area. 


This breast shape resembles the shape of the bell. Bell-shaped breasts are thinner at the top and rounder at the bottom.

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