Saggy Boobs 101: Ways To Firm Up Your Saggy Breasts

Keep reading to know everything about the causes of saggy boobs and how to lift them.

Did you know that boobs go through many changes throughout their lifetime? And sagging is part of it. 

Sagging breasts happen over time. Cooper's ligaments—the connective tissue in the breasts that support and shape them—lose their elasticity as we get older. This naturally occurring phenomenon is scientifically referred to as "breast ptosis.” That’s why if you have relaxed breasts, you are not alone, and it is completely normal

Below, we’ve gathered the causes of sagging breasts and ways to perk them up. 

Why Do Breasts Sag? 

Although the leading cause of having sagging breasts is simply the passage of time, various factors can also influence the breasts to become droopy: 

  • Aging. As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity, which causes it to lose its firmness and develop a sagging appearance. 
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain. Losing weight and gaining weight can stretch the ligaments around your breast or shrink the skin surrounding them.
  • Smoking. Smoking breaks down the skin’s elasticity, affecting the parts of the once firm skin, including the breast. 
  • Pregnancy. According to Mayo Clinic, the ligaments that support your breasts might stretch as your breasts get fuller and heavier during pregnancy. 

Ways To Firm Up Breasts

Once again: saggy breasts are completely natural and normal(!!!) Yet, many women still feel insecure about this issue. That’s why we’ve listed ways to lift those relaxed breasts. We know that the breast tissues can’t restore their initial condition, but the right combination of working out, proper eating habits, and some other measures can perk those drooping breasts up. 

1. Make Time For Regular Exercise.

Breasts are made of fat and breast tissue, and they cannot be toned or tightened through exercise. However, your pectorals— muscles beneath your breasts— can be strengthened. Doing upper body exercises can strengthen the pectoral muscles, which helps the breasts appear firmer. 

2. Build Healthy Eating Habits. 

Yes, healthy eating alone cannot completely restore drooping breasts, but having proper eating habits can help avoid constant weight fluctuations that damage breast tissue.

3. Make Sure That Your Bra Fits Properly. 

One of the best things you can do to firm your breasts is to wear a bra that fits properly. It helps support and shape the breast to fight the effects of gravity in the long term.

4. Wear BOOMBA Inserts For Instant Lift and Volume.

If you are looking for an instant way to lift your relaxed breasts without dealing with push-up bras or surgery, BOOMBA’s double-sided sticky inserts are a great alternative. With different styles ranging from lightly padded to extra padded, these inserts provide an instant lift and volume in seconds.

BOOMBA Inserts have adhesive on both sides, to stick to your skin and grip onto clothing, removing the need for bras. You just have to place them on the inside of your structured top first. Next, scoop your breast to the desired height and position, then stick the inserts onto the breast to secure. 

These sticky inserts instantly lift and boost up to two cup sizes, adding volume to your breasts and giving them a fuller look and more defined shape. BOOMBA inserts are a great choice for swimwear and clothing that are not compatible with bras.

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