The 6 Styles Of BOOMBA Inserts

Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between our famous inserts.

What Are Ultra Boost Inserts?

Extra padded to create a fuller look in seconds, Ultra Boost Inserts add up to two cup sizes without a bra or surgery. With their rounded-triangular-shaped design, they are designed specifically for deep plunge tops and triangle-style bikinis.

What Are Demi Boost Inserts?

The Demi Boosts are a shortened version of the Ultra Boost inserts. The Demi Boost inserts add up to TWO cup sizes, giving you that gorgeous cleavage instantly. The oval shaped design ensures it stays hidden in tops that feature sweetheart necklines. 

What Are Invisible Lift Inserts?

Available up to size G, these Invisible Lift Inserts are perfect for BOOMBA babes who are looking for a natural looking lift without adding padding. Featuring a triangular-shaped design, these inserts are super versatile. They are perfect for most tops and bikinis!

What Are Perfect Boost Inserts?

If you are looking for something slightly padded, these inserts are your go-to if you want to boost a full cup size. It features a unique demi cup design which makes them perfect for lower-cut tops and dresses.

What Are Micro Lift Inserts?

These lightly padded inserts provide a natural-looking lift and extra protection against nip slips. Designed specifically for micro bikinis and smaller tops.

What Are Subtle Lift Inserts?

These lightly padded inserts provide a subtle lift and protection against wardrobe malfunctions. It features an oval shape design that makes them ideal for dresses with sheer bodices.

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