The Padded Sticky Bra That’s Changing the Game

It works like magic

Have you ever worn a padded bra that keeps giving you awkward bulges under your outfit? Or a padded bra that’s heavy and weighs your breast down? If you have encountered these bra struggles, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Enter: Magic Padded Sticky Bra. BOOMBA is famous for its patented double-sided adhesive inserts that instantly boost up to TWO cup sizes. And recently, we just launched our first-ever padded stick-on bra that has a unique padded design! No bulky push up padding to weigh you down. Our Magic Padded Sticky Bra is perfect for outfits that you normally cannot use our inserts in. (Think: knitted and loose tops)

Why You’ll Love Magic Padded Sticky Bra? 

Available in four shades— Sand, Beige, Caramel, and Cocoa

What’s unique about the Magic Padded Sticky bra is its design. It’s unique slopped padding ensures that it doesn’t look bulky, and keeps the bra lightweight to prevent dragging down your breasts. Other sticky bras pull your breasts to the middle, creating cleavage but leaving the sides and overall shape looking flat. Our Magic Padded Sticky Bra is designed to add the volume back onto the sides, so that it looks natural from all angles. 

How To Wear A Magic Padded Sticky Bra?

See Magic Padded Sticky Bra In Action

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