Start by measuring the body tape— it should cover the bottom of your breast to the back of your shoulder. Apply the body tape on your dominant side. 


Lift your breast and place one end of the tape underneath the breast at the level where a bra band would hit. While holding your breast, start working upwards and stick the other end of the tape on your shoulder for maximum results. 


Repeat these steps to secure your other breast.


Be sure to check that you can't see the tape from behind or under your arms and that your breasts are aligned and even. 

Care Instructions

1.  Do A Patch Test. 

We recommend a patch test before using our body tape. Simply apply a small piece of the tape on the breast area without stretching the tape. Keep the strip on for 8 hours, then peel it off slowly. Check if your skin has signs of irritation, such as bumps and itchiness. Do not use the tape if you have any odd skin reactions.

2.  Clean and Dry Your Chest Area First.

Before applying the tape, clean your chest area with an oil-free cleanser or micellar water to remove any oils, lotions, or makeup. This guarantees that the tape will stick properly to your skin. Make sure to avoid applying lotions to your breast, back, shoulder, or any spot that could come in contact with the tape. An oily and slippery surface will prevent it from sticking.

3.  Cover your nipples with pasties.

We highly recommend using nipple covers before applying the body tape to protect your sensitive areas. This will also make the removal process easier and more comfortable.

For strapless tops

1.   Cut a strip of body tape that is long enough to cover the width of your chest, from armpit to armpit.

2.   Stick the tape onto one side of the breast. Carefully pressing as you wrap it from one side to the other.

3.   Repeat the second step with two more strips of tape, as this will help create more support for your bust and create a more dramatic push-up effect. Ensure that you cannot see the tape behind or under your arms. 

For plunging tops

1.  Measure and cut the required amount of body tape. Make sure that it is long enough to cover from the bottom of your breast to the back of your shoulder. 

2.  Lift your breast to the desired position and stick one end of the tape under your breast (where the underwire of a bra is usually placed. 

3.  Pull the tape up to lift your breast into your desired position, start pressing down the tape to secure.

4.  Repeat the third step with two more strips of body tape for more support and a stronger hold. 

5.  Repeat on the other side.

PRO TIP: If you want more lift and support, we recommend sticking the tape further down your back for a stronger hold.

How To Remove The Body Tape Properly

1.  We recommend applying oil directly to the tape and allowing it to soak in to weaken the adhesive. 

2.   Peel the tape off slowly.